Holly Davison Photography | Spring Flower Power

Spring Flower Power

May 03, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

Here in the Pacific Northwest summer has the scent of strawberry shortcake lingering on the warm night air. Autumn has golden leaves fluttering along in a crisp, cool breeze. In winter, rain and wind bellow and an occasional snowflake falls while a fire roars in the woodstove. Then you have Spring. For me spring is about new life. The world comes alive right in front of our eyes with color and texture while the aroma permeates in the soul. Flowers blossom filling the gardens with a feast for the eyes. Nature is truly a spectacular experience. Whether deep in the damp forest or walking through fields plowed by the till of a farmer flowers Spring renews hope and feeds the weary winter spirit. Here are a few images from my wanderings through the flower gardens in recent weeks absorbing the essence of Spring.



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