Through the Woods: A Review of Sleeklens Presets

April 14, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Presets? Do you use them? I'm not a preset user. I sit down with each image as a blank canvas and slowly and methodically work through Lightroom making my adjustments and fine tuning my image trying to bring out the splendor of the scene from those lack luster RAW files. RAW files are great, don't get me wrong, as they capture all the data. However, by capturing it all, the scene becomes bland and dull and needs to be processed just as one would do with a negative. So when I had the opportunity to review landscape presets by Sleeklens I was curious to how clicking a preset "recipe" of sorts would work. I worked with the "Through the Woods" preset package. They are broken up into 6 categories. The first are to be used as All-in-Ones making a host of adjustments with one click to achieve an overall look. The next five are made to be used in sequence. Starting with number 1 and working your way to 5 making selections the bring you to a final product. I was intrigued to see the adjustments Sleeklens made with each preset. They varied greatly from my normal editing techniques. (I am a huge fan of Lightroom and for me this is just another occasion that shows how powerful of a program Lightroom is.) I found through this experience that I am too much of a button pusher (I guess in Lightroom it maybe a slider glider.) to save time using presets (I still needed to touch everything!), but if you are new to editing or feel stuck with your current workflow these presets can be a fun and interesting way to give you some new ideas. Here are a few images that I processed using the "Through the Woods" presets and then adjusted slightly to achieve the final images.



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